The Good Dog Center has been offering dog training classes in Decorah since May 2000.  We offer a wide variety of classes using reward-based training and teach students how to communicate effectively with their dogs, creating a strong and respectful relationship.   

Training Room Rental available at our new facility.  Obedience ring $30/hour (2 people max).  Agility ring rental $30/hour (2 people max).  Each additional person $20.

The cost for Basic Obedience, Junior Puppy and Puppy Kindergarten class is $145.00 for 7 week sessions.  Manners Too and Canine Good Citizen classes are $145 for 7 week sessions.  Agiity  and Carting are $135 for 6 weeks.  Competition Obedience classes are $115.00/6 weeks.  All of our short courses are 4 week sessions and cost $95.00.  Prepayment is required for ALL classes except Competition classes. You can expect most classes to run for about an hour. If we have to cancel class because of bad weather we will add another week onto the end, so no matter what you will receive the number of training classes that you paid for.  If group classes do not work for you we also offer Private Training lessons one on one with a trainer.  The cost is $85/hour or $70/hour for those already enrolled in competition level training classes.   We also offer home visits if you would like us to come to your home for training sessions, the cost is $150/visit. 

We offer the following classes at our training center:

Puppy Kindergarten
Puppy class is for dogs ages 2-5 months old.  We teach puppies many basic cues, such as sit, stay, lie down, come, leave it, plus walking nicely on leash and basic manners.  We also introduce puppies to puppy-sized agility obstacles for socialization and confidence-building. 

JuniorPuppy                                                                                                                                   Junior Puppy class is for puppies 5-10 months old.  We teach the puppies all the basic cues listed in the Puppy Kindergarten class, as well as helping owners through the beginning adolescent age period and some of the problem behaviors you may be seeing at that age.

Basic Obedience
Basic training is for dogs over 5 months old.  If your puppy has already attended a Puppy Kindergarten class, he/she can join this class at any age.   In this class we introduce all the basic cues such as stay, lie down, come, leave it, plus walking nicely on leash and basic manners such as no jumping and waiting at doorways.  Just like in puppy class we introduce dogs to small agility obstacles and tricks for confidence-building.

Manners Too!

This is a 6 week course.   Manners Too is the next step up from Basic Obedience.  Continue to work on building a foundation of basic skills and teach the first steps of advanced skills and manners.  This class is also the second step in preparing your dog to be a therapy dog.   The week after graduation the UKC SPOT certification test is offered for graduates at no additional charge. 

Fit Dog Level 1

This is a 6 week course.  The fee is $145.  Limied to 6 teams.  Full body conditioning: core and limb strength, improve coordination, better joint health, create a stronger bond, reduce behavior challenges, senior strengthening, confidence building.  *Prerequisite is Basic Obedience.  Handlers will need mat (yoga mat works great).  Dogs who are obese or injured should not take the course.  

Reliable Off Leash
This entire 6 week course is devoted to teaching your dog to be reliable off the leash.   Most of this class is taught outdoors and is offered spring, summer and fall.  The prerequisite to this class is puppy or basic training.  This is a hugely popular and successful class and will strengthen the relationship you have with your dog tremendously!

Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog
This 7 week class prepares handlers and dogs to take the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test and also prepares them for therapy dog testing.  We offer a CGC test on the last night of class.  For a complete list of the 10 required CGC exercises please visit the AKC website at

Community Canine CGC Advanced                                                                                                 4 week short course for dogs who have the CGC certificate.  The last night of class will be the CGCA test.  

Beginning Rally/Advanced Rally
These classes are 4 week short courses.  Beginning Rally is for people who want to get their dogs prepared for Novice level Rally Competitions.  Advanced Rally is for people who have earned their Rally Novice title and want to prepare their dogs for Advanced,  Excellent and Master level Rally competitions.

Versatility Fun Short Course
Want to do something fun with your dog but not exactly sure what to try?  This FUN 4 week class will introduce you and your dog to 4 dog sports: Rally, Agility, Nose Work, and Tricks/Obedience.  By the end of the 4 weeks you'll have a good idea about what training is involved for each sport and which of those sports you and your dog may enjoy doing together.

Competition Obedience: Novice, Open and Utility levels
For dogs and handlers preparing for obedience competitions, but are also great classes for anyone who wants to continue advanced training and building a bond with their dog.  *It is not necessary to compete to join these classes.  Prerequisite is the Canine Good Citizen class.  These class focuses heavily on drive and motivation and proofing, while teaching the skills for all levels of obedience.  

Agility Foundations (Intro to Agility),
This class is taught indoors and introduces handlers and dogs to small obstacles and handling maneuvers.  This class works extensively on handler body language and cues, as well as finding the right motivators for your dog.

 Nose Work/Scent Work                                    Offered in 6 week courses.  Beginner, Beginner 2,and Advanced level classes, as well as weekend Intro workshops.  This is such a fun activity to do with your dog!  Prepares dogs for all search areas: Interior, Exterior, Buried, Container, and Vehicle. The cost for the 6 week course is $145.  Class size is limited to 5 working teams.

AKC Tricks Class
This is a 6 week class all about having fun with your dog.  We spend 6 weeks teaching a variety of cute tricks that you can show off to family and friends.  This class also prepares dogs for AKC Trick Dog Testing.  This is a great option for people who are interested in doing therapy work, demonstrations, or who take their dog to any type of public facility such as schools or daycares.