Training DVDs

$35/8 week class, available for purchase!

Our DVD takes you through an 8-week basic dog training class with weekly lesson plans for you to work on in your home with your dog. Some of the skills that are taught on the DVD include: sit, stay, lie down, coming when called, leash-walking skills, leave it alone, attention training and even some tricks! Carmen and Scott are available to answer any questions you have as you work your way through the lesson plan. Each lesson is designed to be practiced for at least a week before moving on to the next lesson. Our DVD is an excellent alternative for people who aren't able to take a group obedience class, or for someone just wanting a refresher course on dog training! 

Please e-mail or call 563-382-5762 to order a copy. Thank you! 

Testimonials for the Good Dog Center training DVD...

“Whenever my wife and I are walking our dogs, people always tell us how well-trained they are. I tell everybody who will listen about the Good Dog Center; the change they have made in our dogs is remarkable. I would encourage everyone who wants a well-trained dog to pick up a copy of their 8 week obedience training DVD.”
Matt Cavellier

"I found this DVD to be filled with practical knowledge in a well-organized, easy to follow manner. I highly recommend it."
Bud Larson, DVM
North Fayette Animal Clinic
West Union, Iowa

"Finally, a dog training DVD that is available to help you train your dog right in your home with the added bonus of additional help directly from the trainers themselves through their website…Carmen and Scott use all positive training methods—the way training your faithful companion should be done. Whether you have a new puppy or have just gotten an adult dog, this DVD will show you how to train your dog the right way. I highly recommend it to any dog owner."
Shirley Richards, CPDT
Dog Training Director
Coulee Region Humane Society
Onalaska, Wisconsin