January 15-16: AKC Obedience trials.  4 trials in 1 weekend!

February 26-27: AKC Rally trials.  4 trials in 1 weekend!



Joanne Fleming is world renowned as a pioneer of motivational training, and a master at harnessing the power of food and building FOCUSJoanne's students have achieved  Regional and National wins as well as international placements.  Joanne has earned the opportunity to represent North America in International competition 7 times, in 2005 with two dogs, a Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd Dog, receiving the highest placing of any North American in 2005. Having represented LV America at the DVG Bundessieger-Prüfung from 2005-2007, Joanne also won the 2007 LV America Championships with her dog Enno, then went on to place 5th at the DVG BSP in Germany. Joanne has also found time to pick up high-in-trials in both AKC and CKC obedience competition along the way.

Comments from past Pam Long seminar participants...

"I would again like to thank you for putting on the Pam Long seminar.  It was great!  Such a fabulous learning experience. The hands on with so many different dogs, at different levels and training issues was very informative.  I will be the first one to admit that sometimes I am reluctant attending some seminars because some training techniques are so far off the wall and sometimes many people pay the big bucks and get lost in the numbers.  I did not feel that way at all.
     The whole weekend was very well planned out and time was utilized to the max.  Thank you again for a great weekend..".... Pat

"As always it was amazing!" ...Kaylynn

"Arie and I had a wonderful time!  I can't wait for the next seminar!" ... Mariah

"I have been to other seminars where the “more assertive” handlers took up the majority of the time and because of that I felt I really didn’t get my money’s worth… that was not the case with this seminar. I loved the format with everyone getting the same amount of mat time… very fair!
I also liked that the seminar wasn’t geared toward one obedience topic (heeling, retrieves, articles etc.); we were able to work on our individual needs. This allowed everyone to gain knowledge regardless of their current training level. Through watching others, I got some good training ideas for when Zuni and I reach the higher levels of obedience.  For me this seminar was a keeper and I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up again!" ...Terry

"I thought it was AWESOME! I have never been to a clinic formatted like this one. I really liked it...learned as much from watching others as I did with my own dogs. Got the 'wheels turning' on how to proof exercises! Thanks!" ...Tracy

"I like training when it is fun......and Pam certainly makes it fun!  She is not only a great teacher but a wonderful person.  I will be back"....Shirley

"I really enjoyed the seminar! It motivated me to get more assertive with my home training! The laughter and humor are good therapy for the humans :). It is a fun and supportive group, too! Pam is good at providing constructive criticism.".... Ann

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