New Titles 2019


 Ellen Drewes-Stoen and Quasar, UKC/INT/NAT CH

 Wendy Snuggerud and Libby SCN

Vicki Armstrong and Easy UKC/INT CH

Vicki Armstrong and BW, SCN, SI, SV

Vicki Armstrong and Gordie AE, AI, AV, SPT

Alicia Waters and Cyrus BN, RN

Cody Dunham and Roxie CD, RI, RA, RATS, DJX, DJX2, DN

Julie Wittry and Gabe GN, CDX

Jill Kristine and Zoey SEN, RATN, RATO, DMA, ASA, ASX


Becky Moore and Teal CH


Shirley Richards and Lucky GN, CDX, RAE

Amy L Straate and Tory BN, CD, RN, RI, SIN, SEN, SCN, SEN, SBA

Toni Kerkove and Tess CD, RI, TKN, TKI

Cindy and Jade TKN

David Kerkove and Vinny TKN

Lois A. Finanger and Finn TKN, TKI

Lois Finanger and Nora TKN, TKI

Kala Kriener and Stella CD, RI

Candi Anderson and Mazie CD, RI, RA

Candi Anderson and Magic BN, RN

Candi Anderson and Breeze BN, RN

Alicia Waters and Squatts BN, CD, RN, RI

Shirley Richards and Rusty BN, CD, RI, SCN, TKN, TKI, TKA

Jill Dunham and Ringo BN, RN, SCN, SEN

Koryn Bakken and Rudy RA

Becky Moore and Carson BN, CD, RN

Candi Anderson and Bo GN, RM, RATN

Jill Dunham and Jaz RE

Terry Jarka and Calvin BN, RN, SCN

Merill Guarneri and Xavier BN, CD, RN

Kala Kriener and Fender BN, CD, RN

Mariah Durham and Arie BN, RN


Beth Einck and Robbie BN, RN

Terry Jarka and Zuni SEN, SCN

Jill Dunham and Chesney RATO

Ann Grimstad and Herky RA

Becky Moore and Clarice SCN

Julie Wittry and Jax RN DJ

Mike Woodson and Tilly CH